The Heartbeats of my Triplets are my lifesavers and my coping. It’s funny how things come to us from unexpected … More


After the long period of chaos, hard work and difficult times comes the search for peace. Most people that I … More

For Better or Worse

The most empowering moment I have had strangely was realizing the Scar, For Better or for Worse was there forever! … More

The Effects

Well, Shit this will be different for everyone. I will start with things I noticed about myself after each Combat … More

The Denial

I have thought of this often! When did I realize I had baggage in my brain? I never thought I … More

The Scar

When I say the “Scar” I am referring to the condition or PTSD. As a scar is there for a … More

The Pain You Had

I have heard this described as the event, the wound, the injury and countless other descriptions. To me it is … More

About Me

To start with, I am not a Doctor and I am not giving advice. This is simply my journal of … More