I have been pretty much radio silent through the Pandemic and our Election Season.

Trolling is simply too easy and accomplishes nothing. I spent nearly the entire year actually reaching out to people who claimed they “want change”. Unfortunately I have found nearly 100% of people making those claims on both sides are simply full of shit and doing things to splinter us apart and actually create hate in order to gain more power, more money, more fame, more likes or more shares.

Many people have understood for centuries that those in positions of power divide the populous to maintain power and divert attention from their actions and shortcomings. I still stand ready to work with anyone to improve America. Every Citizen is my Brother and Sister even though I may not agree with them politically or socially.

The actions during the Electoral College debate and protest where an embarrassment and a failure at every level from the Top of every office within Government down to the Individual Citizen.

I have Biases through my life experiences and actually working in different jobs involved, but I am willing to listen to and come up with ideas with nearly anyone. I am simply going to go through some observations I have had and topics I have tried helping with this year.

First, what many people have been protesting would be Criminal Justice:
People often blame the lowest level of the worker and the system for the failures at the middle and top level of its failures. To use an analogy, don’t get your cackles up its just a example of structure and blame. You don’t blame a trash man for failures if the refuse “system” is broken. If the dump leaks and if recycling materials are not sent to the proper area finding their way to the refuse area it’s not likely the fault of the guy who drives down the street and picks up the trash. A mid to upper level person tells the collector where to go, what to pick up and where to drop it off.

The legal system is very much like this. Cops are confined to 1. The laws on the book, 2. The guidance of the Distract attorneys on what they will prosecute and 3. Assignments from the Leadership of the Departments.

Many people think any discrepancies in prosecutions/arrests are the fault of the Cop. In actuality the D.A. and prosecutors decide who they are going to charge and who they go after to do jail time. In a top down system the D.A. Pushes his plans and exposes his agendas on “Justice”. In a Major City who do you think the Prosecutor is influenced by? Dirty little secret, its the Mayor. In Unincorporated areas the they are Influenced by the D.A.

We need to be honest the origin of any problem, real or perceived. Local politicians easily blame the Cop on the street for everything when they are conducting the policies they, the Mayor/Politician put in place. One obvious and historical reference would be the Democrats blaming Republicans for mass incarceration when who wrote and pushed for the 94’ Crime Bill and Mandatory Minimums?

Again, anyone who ever wants realistic ideas to improve things can simply comment or reach out. People have ideas that can help, why not try?

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