Life After, Finding Your Continued Meaning and Joy – Chapter 11

A few things have made me think of adding a little more to how I am attempting to prioritize and enjoy the things I have in life. Recently I read an article of someone in the Financial Independence Community who had mentioned they retired in their 30s with $3 Million dollars but still found issues he didn’t expect after retiring. You can FInd his story at , Notice I snuck in the FI (Financial Independence).

The one thing I can agree with in his article listed here is there can defiantly be an adjustment or culture shock to any unexpected or unknown event which happens in our lives. For me, an unknown and sudden retirement came abruptly at the prime of my career. When you are at your prime, just like an athlete who is injured as they are at the height of their personal performance, it can be physiologically devastating even if it doesn’t effect your financial security to end your career.

Ultimately retirement is the continuation of a lifestyle, it’s not the solution to a career or to a life you don’t like. If you believe once you no longer have to work with people you hate thoughts that suddenly somehow the rest of your life joyful will bring nothing but disappointment, you will be sadly mistaken and possibly even become depressed once you realize actuality. In fact, once you are retired you simply have more time to be yourself. If you where unhappy with your situation and life before retirement, you may well have a short period of joy just like being on a vacation, but when the honeymoon period is over you are back to your previous state and may even feel your past emotional status magnified as I did.

I am not telling you this to scare you away from retiring or making your dreams of a simple happy life seem hopeless. I am simply saying I had to realize my own life expectations after my change in life happened as I am sure everyone else must as well. Sure, there may be the odd person here or there who simply goes into a lifelong euphoria, but based on all the people I’ve seen move into retirement that simply isn’t my experience. It took me around two years to adjust to no longer working and even then it wasn’t a fast or immediate AHA moment.

If you’re planning your retirement, or even just working I would try implementing my idea of retirement into my current daily planning. Don’t let life sneak up on you, start living your life know you want to do for the rest of your life. All of these are my suggestions to you because they are things I wish I had done. Hell, I’m not a shrink all of this has simply been ramblings from my brain on things I’ve lived and experienced and have put down on paper hoping that someone may learn from my shortfalls and successes. I’m tired of seeing a world where people think they are somehow superior or better in some other stupid insignificant way than others. The simplest way for us to make a successful journey within our own lives is to learn from history, others experiences and thinking of what we actually desire in life.

If you want to learn how to successfully save money to become Financially Independent you research those who have achieved it.

If you desire how to become a philanthropist, you can look to those whom have established or run successful non-profits.

However, the one thing I have always found difficult was finding someone who you can look to as a retiree to study. Everyone’s interests vary and I don’t believe any two people have the exact same desires.

I have to thank my Wife and my Kiddos, She has put up with me and given me nothing but encouragement and the Kiddos fill me with a sense of purpose.

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