Overt your eyes if hard conversations scare You

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It’s all in the messaging.

I’m not trying to play anyone off as ignorant, but there will be a short question and answer period and I encourage you to follow along and see if anything makes since. This to me is almost written in the form of a guided discussion or thought creation process as much as anything else.

I am human, so I accept the possibility of errors in my reasoning process and I am willing to learn and accept a newly informed point of view.

I have noticed recently a consistent messaging and it concerns me. As a self read student of history and a traveled person, I observed the world from many other individuals points of view. So let’s start this by short question.

How do your seed the thought to turn man against man?

Widely thought of as a madman and an evil genocidal asshole, Hitler was a genius at creating devisions. He first would emphasize what great victimhood an individual /society is suffering. At first he blamed an event, say WWI. After creating a public uprising recognizing a possibly valid and factual origin for the problem, you can then cast a group or individual as the root cause. This tactic can be seen in nearly every terrorist organization as it is the primary recruitment method.

Once you have established a valid or mostly factual origin for suffering and have assigned blame to a person or group you’re able to develop a fanatical following which is capable of unimaginable cruelty or actions. Look at Death Camp’s and at ISIS public/televised torture and slaughter of its opponents. After you have assigned the cause of the pain to individuals you have effectively created the “Others”. The “Others” are developed into an inhuman being becoming an object which removes the people’s hesitations of committing immoral acts against another human. It’s much easier to crack an egg than to slaughter a chicken.

Where are we know?

To me, this is where we are now. There are a few things which could be done to correct injustices perceived and actual if we could have legitimate debate. We will save where this may have originated from for another discussion, but lets start with this.

First, there are definite issues which have continued and have entrapped many Black Communities and Cities as a whole. I see this more as a form of maintaining control Locally for political ease than Nationally for control. This can be implied by the similarities of containment as well as casting groups, usually based on racial/national and sometimes even religious groups.

In Metropolises control is maintained through local Chieftains/Wards. The Wards are controlled by local leaders who begin the development of the trauma and suffering put upon their Community/Tribe. This develops into a turf war for resources. People see the Metropolis as a bag of Jewls, it becomes a competition of who can get their Community/Tribe the most treasure.

Whatever funding is captured never ends up being enough and is easily used by their local Leader then is cast upon all the other Wards as the “Other” who have stolen resources from their Community/Tribes Dues. This action establishes a negative/combative view or almost a Blood Feud, where people become blinded to their own actions or faults in causing their own problems. Once the boiling point has been reached the blame level keeps moving one step up one level after another continuously higher. Every generation or two it seems the level the problem is blamed on essentially has to surrender but shifts the blame completely to the next higher level of elected politician.

The problem with this, is once it goes beyond many large Metropolises and is knocking on the door of the State itself falling into default, what or who can be blamed from that point forward? Blaming neighboring states would seem the next logical step but that isn’t an effective means as there is no authority or ability to raid their Treasure Chest.

Once you have developed loyalty to your particular political party it is likely that you wouldn’t turn on your tribe just like you don’t turn on your favorite sports team no matter the length of their loosing streak. Instead, you have two remaining possible sources to blame. You can blame the “Other” Political Party or you can say the Referees are crooked disadvantaging you for some particular reason.

I feel we are in the endgame stages I have just described. Widespread blame of all “Conservative” Cities and States as well as the wider blame of Systemic Racism is the go big or go home final act, almost a Hail Mary pass we are facing.

How did we get here so fast?

This becomes a largely political issue many may passionately disagree with due to personal and political loyalties. But again this is simply my opinion.


The breath of power achieved by so many liberal or what would be considered far left ideals previously over 8 years lead to a overconfidence or feeling of invincibility. The Left looked at the “Train-wreck” they perceived the Republican Party to be. Everyone from the former administration lauded over Trump as he ran seeing him as a unenlightened buffoon. In doing this they tried using him as to tool to destroy the Republican Party. They actually wanted nothing more than for him to destroy every GOP Candidate he could before the general election. The Media and for that matter the Democrats where working in concert trying to use Candidate Trump as a boobytrap to be set off causing a catastrophic loss of what had largely been a turn the other cheek moral set of competitors.

This developed into what essentially became a sensation where the person placing the boobytrap gets destroyed by their own creation. When the Media gave Candidate Trump so much attention and air time, they essentially showed the normally passive/turn the other cheek competitors the could fight back viciously changing into a group which became ok with standing up and saying fuck you, your a lying. Democrats and Media where like a major league team going 9 innings with their farm team. They developed a perception they had everything in the bag leading them to be lazy. Democrats largely didn’t even try to investigate or put out factual information about the opposition campaign which can be seen with the 99 % estimates of HRC winning. This was blatantly obscure statistically in a Country that’s devised nearly in half on political spectrums. Why am I even talking about that last election.

Remember what I said, people will nearly never turn on their home team. However, if there is such a betrayal which people have to lay blame on their team a mutiny may happen or they decided they where cheated. My observations tell me that is what happened. You could see it on election night. Complete and utter disbelief by HRC and every supporter that night could be seen from both the voters and the Media. They had essentially lied to and been lied to in such a way a psychotic break occurred. To justify their new reality something had to be explained. This is where the narrative and accusations of “cheating” originated. It’s the most common reaction after a supremely confident group gets soundly beaten by their opponent.

From this point forward half of the Country has been casting the Victor as the Oppressor who was unworthy of their standing. Look at some of the earliest attacks. Media had spent the last Decade labeling Trump as a Buffoon, a rich undeserving idiot is how they often labeled him. However, somehow following the election he became an international mastermind and some evil genius. They went from accusations he knew nothing of the World to somehow him having such a vast knowledge as to be able to orchestrate the most incredible and intricate criminal conspiracies which alluded the world’s most advanced intelligence, counterintelligence and investigative superpowers. All of this from the man they labeled “Buffoon” for years and years.

Why is what the Democrats have done so dangerous and could lead us to the brink of actual unrest?

I will pose a few ideas.

One, there have been decades of failures or what some see as planned controls placed one segments of society. This has mostly happened within the larger Cites I referred to earlier as Metropolises. Due to several reasons, many of which where unjust to Minorities and especially large portions of Black society, they have found themselves bound to the cities and due to decades old segregation policies social and political cast them into a cycle which was hard to break. This hardship caused Blacks to be stuck in almost a feedback loop was largely caused by the nature of local politics.

If a politician who strived to advantage his constituents to succeed it’s often likely it would lead to them leaving their Ward/Chiefdom. Wouldn’t that politician rather find a way to keep their serfs within their ability to control them, maintaining their votes? Keeping someone dependent on you allows the person holding the leverage great power to influence local election outcomes. I am not calling the current leaders of the inner city areas racist. I am saying their actions to control their local electorate mirror the oppression they felt under Jim Crow.

So what has happened is communities which had been truly oppressed in the past for racist reasons, current opportunities where negated by local legislators, largely due to selfish reasons of wanting to maintain political power. I cant ascribe racism to the actions because many of the most effected areas came under the legislative leadership of Minority Leaders. No, I believe the primary fault is laziness and concerns of loosing their cot of base .

Now we have a great merging, a political electorate lied to in such a way as to loose their moorings and a Minority Community who has been lied to and constrained so long the powder keg is ready to blow.

The larger question to all this is where do we go from here. How do you tamp out the flames when it’s groups and communities everywhere with no structured representative willing to take the lead?

There has been a constant and steady messaging of oppression developed in targeted areas creating a groundswell across the world pushing for what many call Globalism but is essentially a power grab for authoritarian power.

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