The Scar – Chapter 3

Wildfire photo from across the lake of our neighborhood.

When I say the “Scar” I am referring to the condition or PTSD. As a scar is there for a lifetime. Even if you had a nasty surface wound, you could go to the best plastic surgeon in the world. They could likely reduce the appearance on the surface, they could even try hiding it like the technique of a surgeon using a wrinkly in your skin as the entry point so it becomes camouflaged. But, you will always be able to find the scar, it’s your body, you and your loved ones will always know where it is and be able to pick up on it in an instance.

As everyone is different, everyone’s method of dealing with the Pain, Wound and Scar will be different. For me, I go away from people. I go into nature as it is a constant that I can understand and I believe all of the things that happen in nature are easily justified. Some people simply unplug from Social Media, while others who are unable to adjust find ways to austrasize themselves from society. I have seen people become addicted to extreme sports, they have adapted to a socially acceptable version of playing Russian rulett. I will talk about that in the next chapter called “Denial.”


    1. The thing about all this, many people think it’s only battle or something like it that does things to people.

      Sometimes it can simply be what you’re exposed to in life.


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