Great Week with Great People

I believe this Was Alan’s photo taken by staff of the hotel in UK 🇬🇧

This is a brief summery of what I have noticed about how many people have trauma.  Realizing that may bring all of us to the start of a better life.

While I was attending an event with my wife on a totally unrelated topic, I was being open and explaining why I live a “Zero Fucks Lifestyle.” Let me clarify that by saying it’s not that I don’t care about anything, it’s that I don’t care about other peoples opinions of me.  I “Stay Zero” as many of my former Military Brothers do.  

I was being openminded when someone asked a question of what I want to improve in my life.  I expressed at times due to the horrific things I have witnessed and the loss I have endured in my life, at times I feel numb.  Let me preface my thoughts by explaining the topic we where discussing in the presentation. The point of the presentation was eloquently displayed in a graphic which displayed a persons life balance as being either Above or Below what I called a status quo or regulated and when a conflict or event happens it will have one of two effects.  It will have an exhilarating  or anxiety feeling or a depressive or dissregulating effect.  

When Jillian From the Blog described this concept during a comment period I explained my life as the following:  I have lived a live of constant hardship and trauma along with training which is designed to push a person to the ragged edge if not a breaking point.  After which the person can then realize just how much they can endure, achieve and perform under adverse conditions.  

I told Jillian how I felt this training and life experience moved my Status line into the Dissregulated area and explained how I have seen others in my situation who used a extreme lifestyle to essentially move their status line back up to the norm.  When explaining this I noticed during normal activities with my family when I thought I was interacting normally with my kiddos they asked, “Daddy are you happy?” I have also heard “Daddy be happy.”  These types of events along with how I seemed to react in an emotionally numb manner during an extremely gruesome and tragic event at work in which my coworkers where obviously effected.  I told the audience openly, my goal is to insure my Kiddos and Family understand my love for them.  I lost my Father and Grandfather at a young age and know first had the loss of those close to you.  I felt even though I have no control of my history, from this point forward as long as I live I will cherish my time with my family and do everything I can making sure my children understand my love for them.  Even if i may not seem to smile that often, I assure you that when their Daddy asks my Kiddos “How Much Does Daddy Love You?” Their reply is “For Ever and Ever!”  I want them to know there is not only the deep love I have for them, but that it is endless and will continue as long as we share time on Earth and long after I am gone.  

My purpose for this Blog is for people to have a better life.  If you or a friend have ever experienced this, you are not alone and there is a path.

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